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Managed Services: Remote Security Keeps Your Business Competitive

The concept of hosted managed services is something you’ve likely read plenty about, yet you’ve relied on an in-house IT team for years. It’s not easy to make a change when you’re used to standard business procedures perhaps used for decades. IT teams were once a major part of every business when the computer revolution took over in the 1980s. Some companies have had in-house tech teams on their payrolls for well over 30 years. Read more

Sales Automation: Why is a CRM important for any business?

What is a CRM system? A CRM system is a customer relationship management system, often found hosted in the cloud. It takes a unique approach to helping businesses manage relationships with current and future customers. The technology synchronizes the various departments and allows you to organize your sales force and customer service more effectively. Check out this phenomenal mobile ready CRM we use at BisonTech: BaseCRM! Read more

Businesses Should Update Their Website – Not Forget Them

Your business spent a substantial amount of time and money building the company website. Many companies think of their website as a static feature of their company. It’s like the company logo, you invest in the design and creation once, and expect it to serve you for the life of the business. Read more

How Should My Company Do Business Continuity, Backup and DR?

Technology applications, services, and hardware are moving faster and faster with more needed all of the time. Sales says they need it, operations keep showing you ways it could make things better, logistics is crying for the clarity, ease of tracking, and inventory management, customer service can’t compete without the new tools of CRM, and even HR is on the bandwagon.

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Responsive Website or Mobile Website – Which is the Better Choice

When it comes time to discuss website design & development for your business website, one topic that is bound to come up is mobile web design. Now, more than ever, people are accessing the internet from their mobile and tablet devices. It has become a necessity to provide a great user experience across all digital devices.

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How Workflow Automation Improves Your Business Future

Workflow is an extremely important aspect in businesses when it comes to incorporating new technologies. Without an efficient workflow, the business is threatened with higher costs, delays in task completion, and generally a poor service. In order to progress forward, workflow automation is critical, and you may see the ways through which they affect a business positively. Read more

How Much of Your Business Can Cloud Storage Solutions Hold?

Businesses looking for cloud storage solutions without any prior knowledge of the cloud might assume the cloud has limitations on how much it stores. If you wondered, it’s capable of holding practically your entire business, other than the building itself. While we’re being facetious there, it can almost do that if you’re an online business operating out of your home. But every application you use to keep your business afloat is now capable of being internal rather than buying physical hardware, software, or even phone equipment. Read more

Cisco Report Reveals Data Security Vulnerabilities

Cisco recently released its Security Capabilities Benchmark Study as part of its 2015 Security Report. Researchers interviewed more than 1,700 CISOs and SecOps managers to identify what security measures they are using and what vulnerabilities exist. While 90 percent of respondents said they are “confident” in their security strategies and 75 percent view their security measures are “extremely effective,” their specific responses reveal vulnerabilities. Consider some of the study’s findings. Read more

Document Management Access While on the Go

Document management has been around for a long time as an independent IT solution, even though it’s more recently consolidated into overall content management. But efficient storage and access of documents is vitally important to small businesses now when so much paperwork needs maintaining. And the best way to manage it all is by placing those documents in the cloud. Read more

Security Holes and Disasters Don’t Just Happen to Big Companies

Data security for small businesses might gain more attention this new year after seeing some of the dangers companies now face and how prevalent online thievery is. If the big companies like Sony Pictures managed to get hacked and shut down, what would keep any influential small business from getting the same treatment? It could be your small business sells or stands for something that’s controversial to some people, perhaps instigating a form of cyber terrorism. Read more

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