October 17, 2015 Evan Henry

Top 5 Business Website Design & Development Trends

Is your business website converting visitors into new leads? Chances are, your website could use some improvement. There is no need to have a dull business website. With the latest business website design & development trends, your website can stay relevant and continue to generate new leads and sales. Below are some of the latest web design trends to consider for your company website.

1. Less is More

Your website literally has seconds to grab a user’s attention. Therefore, a cluttered website full of graphics, animations, text, and more will only cause users to click away. A simple less cluttered design works well, especially on the home page.

2. Mix and Match Fonts

Another trend that is visually appealing to users is mixing and matching fonts. Handwritten fonts are becoming quite popular for use in headlines. Large type is often used with full-screen background images or video. The key is to create eye-catching headlines with various font styles to keep your user’s attention.

3. Video Backgrounds

You may have noticed the background video trend that many business websites are using. Rather than having a slider of images at the top of the page, companies are using HTML5 video instead. Background videos are visually stunning and definitely attract attention. However, it is important to test your website’s load time, particularly when using video. A slow loading website is one of the main reasons for users to click away.

4. Parallax Effect

The parallax effect is a huge design trend that you will find on many websites. The effect is in use when you scroll the page of a website and notice that the background moves slower than the foreground. For example, an image that spans across the page may move slowly as you are scrolling down. It is a cool effect that adds flair to any website.

5. Minimalism with Flat Design

Flat design is a minimalist design style which uses simple elements, fonts, and flat colors. It avoids the use of 3D elements, gradients, drop shadows, and textures. If you want a beautiful design that also works well on smart phones, flat design is a great option.

Are you ready to upgrade your current business website or create one for the first time? Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We can create a modern responsive design that also accommodates mobile devices.

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