July 22, 2015 Evan Henry

How Should My Company Do Business Continuity, Backup and DR?

Technology applications, services, and hardware are moving faster and faster with more needed all of the time. Sales says they need it, operations keep showing you ways it could make things better, logistics is crying for the clarity, ease of tracking, and inventory management, customer service can’t compete without the new tools of CRM, and even HR is on the bandwagon.

It is obvious you have to do something to maintain your competitiveness and maintain your company’s hard-won reputation for high quality service to the customers and overall efficiency but what? Who even understands all of the new technology? Your IT guys are homegrown and stressed just keeping up with the communications, workstations, and routers that have proliferated like weeds in every area. Many of your employees have resorted to “shadow IT” devices that they claim they need for productivity but these devices bypass the company firewalls and severely impact the speed of the network.

Have you heard of hosted managed services? There are companies that take on the IT functions of your company. They remotely monitor and maintain your workstations, networks, and servers. They install and apply the new software and any needed patches. They even guarantee your coverage in disaster and business continuity situations. Their cloud computing solution allows your authorized employees access at any time from any location but bars the entry of outsiders or employees without the correct access. Using solutions such as Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp they can 100% host virtual desktops and applications. Where can you find someone who can do all of this?

Try BisonTech! We specialize in small business technology consulting and website design in the greater York, Lancaster, and Harrisburg areas. We implement seamless turnkey SaaS and cloud based solutions. Check out this video on our website on business continuity and disaster recovery. We even provide document management to relieve your hard storage burden and ease access for all to the documentation your employees need.

Contact us today and let us solve your IT conundrum! You will be glad you did.

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