January 15, 2015 Evan Henry

Security Holes and Disasters Don’t Just Happen to Big Companies

Data security for small businesses might gain more attention this new year after seeing some of the dangers companies now face and how prevalent online thievery is. If the big companies like Sony Pictures managed to get hacked and shut down, what would keep any influential small business from getting the same treatment? It could be your small business sells or stands for something that’s controversial to some people, perhaps instigating a form of cyber terrorism.

While you may think this isn’t happening because the media doesn’t cover it, USA Today noted recently how 44% of small businesses were unknowingly hacked in 2013. This percentage is likely higher for 2014, and unknown hacking for small businesses could be even higher through this year.

How do you fight against the above if you’re still using your own server? If you’re perhaps concerned about the cost of upgrading to a major data center for security, it’s a legitimate thought. Leveraging the cost of gaining top security for your data will likely become a concern for many small businesses this year once realizing the above statistics about clandestine hacking.

The cloud, however, continues as the best option for data storage and security. Even though misconceptions still exist about it due to the media questioning its security, it’s all in how you use it. There isn’t a single piece of tech anywhere free of abuse if the people in charge don’t manage it efficiently.

Here at BisonTech, LLC, we offer a cloud solution you’ll never have to worry about when it comes to security. The reason is because we monitor the cloud 24/7 to catch any issues or online intrusions. Through the act of prevention and monitoring, the cloud becomes the best solution for data storage compared to any other technology.

The price is also amazingly good since you only pay a fixed rate based on how much storage space you need. No more managing your own server and taking chances with your security. Also, you’ll realize you don’t need to pay a fortune for excellent data security, which is good news for all small businesses needing to cut financial corners.

Contact us here at BisonTech, LLC to find out more about our cloud solution and how it prevents any sort of downtime associated with the worst scenarios.

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