August 15, 2015 Evan Henry

Managed Services: Remote Security Keeps Your Business Competitive

The concept of hosted managed services is something you’ve likely read plenty about, yet you’ve relied on an in-house IT team for years. It’s not easy to make a change when you’re used to standard business procedures perhaps used for decades. IT teams were once a major part of every business when the computer revolution took over in the 1980s. Some companies have had in-house tech teams on their payrolls for well over 30 years.

Over the last five to 10 years, things have evolved quickly with technology. Business demands have increased as well, and you’re likely feeling the pinch now as competition increases. You may have more competitors than ever, only because that’s business reality in the 21st century.

As this happens, your in-house IT team may feel as overwhelmed as you are trying to provide what you need technologically. Because they’ve only ever worked for you, they may not have awareness about certain issues that keep recurring. This only leads to problems never getting solved, no matter how hard they try to fix them.

In today’s times, you need hosted managed services where you have your business functions monitored remotely so no one gets in your way. When you add fully hosted virtual desktops and applications, you get even more protection and less worry about what could go wrong.

What Managed Services Provide

You need as much time as possible to get work done so you can stay competitive in your field. The last thing you want is consistent IT problems that your in-house team can’t fix, which only leads to expensive downtime.

With managed services, preventative maintenance is top priority so most of the worst problems don’t occur in the first place. Security updates occur without you needing to do it manually. Also, your operating system gets cleaned regularly so you’re assured your computers keep running optimally during the busiest times.

When you add the full managed services of virtual desktops, you have complete security for everything so you’ll never have slowdowns. Citrix’s XenDesktop and XenApp are two of the best hosted managed tools available to make this happen.

Here at BisonTech, LLC, we provide top-tier managed services like the above so you can stay solid in the competitive game.

Contact us to find out more about what you need and how affordable these services are.

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