February 6, 2015 Evan Henry

How Much of Your Business Can Cloud Storage Solutions Hold?

Businesses looking for cloud storage solutions without any prior knowledge of the cloud might assume the cloud has limitations on how much it stores. If you wondered, it’s capable of holding practically your entire business, other than the building itself. While we’re being facetious there, it can almost do that if you’re an online business operating out of your home. But every application you use to keep your business afloat is now capable of being internal rather than buying physical hardware, software, or even phone equipment.

It’s a sign we’re truly living in the future where you can own a business without buying anything for the office other than desks, chairs, a computer, and an Internet line.

Yes, Internet is still required for access to the cloud. However, with its universality, your business data and other resources are accessible anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection. In the realm of disaster recovery, this is invaluable.

What things can you store/access in the cloud so your business has continuity if a disaster strikes?

Everything on the Go

You’ve likely heard of the term “as a service” used next to certain applications in the cloud. Software as a Service is just one of the many things placed in the cloud for easy accessibility online than investing in expensive software or equipment. Any application used in your business is available for use whenever you need them online.

Better yet, everything stored there has maintenance and updates by your cloud provider so you don’t have to do it yourself. Plus, with scalability so easy with the cloud, any growing pains you have with your business won’t require spending more money. The cloud expands for easy additions of other applications you need for business growth.

We’ll provide these cloud solutions for you here at BisonTech, LLC.

Contact us and we’ll tell you more about how much of your business is accessible in the cloud. There isn’t a limit, even if we’ll accommodate only the things you really need.

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