August 7, 2015 Evan Henry

Sales Automation: Why is a CRM important for any business?

What is a CRM system? A CRM system is a customer relationship management system, often found hosted in the cloud. It takes a unique approach to helping businesses manage relationships with current and future customers. The technology synchronizes the various departments and allows you to organize your sales force and customer service more effectively. Check out this phenomenal mobile ready CRM we use at BisonTech: BaseCRM!

When you look at all that CRM can do within a business, it allows you to stay on top of relationships and effectively manage your sales funnel. For example, when you have customers or potential customers within the sales funnel, the CRM system will allow you to see where people are within the sales cycle and what the next steps are to close the sales. There will be a profile on each customer and you can see when you last reached out to them, what they have purchased in the past, and more.

Why is a CRM important for any business? Streamlining your sales and customer services processes will greatly affect your bottom line. But that’s only one aspect of a CRM system. There are also reports that can be run on almost any aspect of your business. In most cases the reports are very intuitive and can make recommendations on how to market to a specific demographic, and much more.

Workflow Automation:

Another reason that CRM is important is it will allow you to automate a considerable amount of tasks. You don’t have to email reminders to your customers – the CRM program can do this for you, removing some of the responsibilities that you would otherwise do manually, thus saving you time as well.

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