July 31, 2015 Evan Henry

Businesses Should Update Their Website – Not Forget Them

Your business spent a substantial amount of time and money building the company website. Many companies think of their website as a static feature of their company. It’s like the company logo, you invest in the design and creation once, and expect it to serve you for the life of the business.

At one point in Internet history that may have been a reasonable expectation, but in today’s world a website that isn’t updated regularly is, at best, useless, and at worst a liability to your company.

There are many reasons to update the company website regularly. Each website concern is important on its own, but when you put them together you can see that regularly updating your company’s website is simply good business.

Why Businesses Should Update Their Website – Not Forget Them

Security Concerns: Today’s Internet technology changes fast, and with those changes come security risks. An old website is written on old technology, and is easy for hackers to break into. You can’t afford to have your business website compromised, and running old software is one security risk factor you can control.

Marketing:  The modern consumer tends to hit the Internet to research products and services they’re interested in buying. Consumers make purchasing choices based on what they find on-line, and oftentimes company trust is formed or destroyed based on what potential customers find on-line. If your website is updated regularly through blogs, product updates, or other means, it shows potential customers that your company is an industry leader.

Keeping In Touch With Customers:  Customer loyalty is important, and one way to keep the trust of your current customers is to show them your company is keeping up with the latest trends and best business practices in your field. One way to do that is through regular updates to your website that reflect the changes in your industry.

Whatever your industry, keeping your website up-to-date is an important part of your business identity. Contact us to learn more.

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