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How Workflow Automation Increases Profits for Your Company

Having a plan is something that entrepreneurs and business owners recognize the value of from the start. It starts with an official business plan and continues on to company expansion, customer acquisition and every other portion of their business. With this is mind, knowing how workflow automation increases profits is absolutely necessary, especially in terms of how information is handled on a daily basis. Read more

Understanding Hosted Managed Services and Its Benefits

Maybe you have heard of hosted managed services and are wondering what it really means and how it can benefit your small business. In short, hosted managed services is when a business lets a managed service provider handle all of their IT operations to include 24-hour monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting problems, and more. Read more

Top 5 Business Website Design & Development Trends

Is your business website converting visitors into new leads? Chances are, your website could use some improvement. There is no need to have a dull business website. With the latest business website design & development trends, your website can stay relevant and continue to generate new leads and sales. Below are some of the latest web design trends to consider for your company website. Read more

4 Mistakes You Must Avoid During Your Workflow Automation

Mistakes You Must Avoid

Workflow automation is quickly rising as the new trend among organizations of all shapes and sizes. There are numerous advantages to programming based mechanization of business procedures. Work effectiveness enhances, mistakes go down, and group coordination improves incrementally. However, every one of these focal points tank if the execution is not correct. We will examine the top 4 mistakes that you should avoid: Read more

3 Reasons Hosted Managed Services are Ideal for Law Firms

Many law firms are transitioning from the traditional on-site IT infrastructure to a cloud-based or managed hosting solution. Attorneys are beginning to understand the benefits of cloud-based computing services and its positive impact on productivity. Deciding if hosted managed services is right for your firm is a challenging choice. Below are three reasons that may help you make the best decision. Read more

Understanding Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery RTO & RPO

If you’ve heard anything about business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) then you’ve certainly heard the terms RTO and RPO thrown around. But what do these two words actually mean? Should you be more concerned with one over the other or are they equally important? Let’s dive into this and explore what RTO and RPO mean and how they each affect your business in a BC/DR situation. Read more

eCommerce Checklist Your New Website Design & Development Project

eCommerce Checklist for New Projects

Starting a new eCommerce website requires many elements for providing customers with the best user experience. There are various items that need checking and testing before launching your website. Below is a checklist for any new eCommerce site to use before opening up for business. Read more

The Productivity Boosting Power of Hosted Managed Services

If your business has experienced downtime due to a server or network crashing, then you know all too well what an impact it can have. Many times, the causes of downtime issues are preventable. Preventative IT maintenance can catch small IT issues before they become too large and lead to a disruption in workflow. By discovering IT issues and fixing them before they grow larger, your business can gain a huge boost in overall productivity. Read more

Website Design for Mobile Devices: How Much Will Wearables Matter

Avoiding website design & development for mobile devices today is equivalent to avoiding a metaphorical elephant in a small room, if not something larger. There isn’t any doubt that we’re heading toward a time when everyone will be using a mobile device to look up information on websites or take part in intuitive e-commerce. With the most recent statistics showing the access of media on mobile being well over the percentage of desktop use, you have no excuse not to create a mobile version of your business website. Read more

Utilizing Search Engine Optimization for Your Small Business

Marketing in today’s digital world is so important for your small business. Is your business in need of a more powerful, solid online presence? Any company in need of improving their digital image can benefit from SEO. With the proper search engine optimization tools, your business’ online marketing will flourish. Read more

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