August 28, 2015 Evan Henry

The Productivity Boosting Power of Hosted Managed Services

If your business has experienced downtime due to a server or network crashing, then you know all too well what an impact it can have. Many times, the causes of downtime issues are preventable. Preventative IT maintenance can catch small IT issues before they become too large and lead to a disruption in workflow. By discovering IT issues and fixing them before they grow larger, your business can gain a huge boost in overall productivity.

How Preventative IT Maintenance Can Help

Hosted managed services is a great way to incorporate preventative IT maintenance into your business. With the threat of viruses, spyware, and malware on the rise, a hosted managed services provider can provide 24/7 monitoring of your server and important workstations. They are responsible for any software updates, hardware upgrades, database monitoring, and more. Your service provider will ensure your network and computers are running optimally.

Managed services can help prevent costly IT repairs that can financially impact your business. You will not only save money, you will experience an increase in employee productivity.

Will Hosted Managed Services Really Boost Productivity?

Consider what happens when there is a disruption in IT. You and your staff are unable to use office computers or access the network. Your business becomes stuck and productivity levels plummet. It could take hours, or in worse case scenarios, days to fix the problems. Your business and customers suffer as a result. Hosted managed services help ensure that your IT infrastructure is running at its best.

Your business no longer has to suffer from technology breakdowns. Managed services can prevent small IT issues from bringing your business to a complete halt. You and your employees can focus on the work at hand and continue to grow your business by being as productive and efficient as possible.

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