August 25, 2015 Evan Henry

Website Design for Mobile Devices: How Much Will Wearables Matter

Avoiding website design & development for mobile devices today is equivalent to avoiding a metaphorical elephant in a small room, if not something larger. There isn’t any doubt that we’re heading toward a time when everyone will be using a mobile device to look up information on websites or take part in intuitive e-commerce. With the most recent statistics showing the access of media on mobile being well over the percentage of desktop use, you have no excuse not to create a mobile version of your business website.

Beyond this is the newer mobile device on the block: Wearables. Even if we’ve seen them used more for tracking our health or for general apps, the possibilities of e-commerce and web design there is still a growing concept.

Despite the Apple Watch having a lukewarm response from some, there isn’t any question that wearables are starting to become ubiquitous. Before the end of the decade, it’s possible most of us will look up information on a wearable rather than our smartphones or tablets. When this happens, we’ll have to become accustomed to viewing websites and shopping on a screen half the size of our smartphones.

In order to get ahead of the game, it’s best to start thinking about web designs and e-commerce on wearables. Regardless, how should you design a website and e-commerce on a device with more restricted screen space? It all comes down to following some of the similar rules for app design.

Simplicity and Visual Consolidation of Your Brand

If you’re using an app on a wearable for health tracking or other purposes, you’ve probably noticed that most recent apps have simpler designs. Simple yet elegant designs (frequently complemented with flat designs) are more mainstream now for the sake of catering to the mobile crowd.

Considering you already have challenges adapting your website for mobile, you should think in simpler and consolidated terms for smaller screens. Because text is more challenging to read on a wearable, using imagery as much as possible on your main page with limited typography is the best approach.

Fortunately, imagery looks extra sharp on wearable screens, so you have great opportunity for making your brand stand out.

As for e-commerce, making it as easy as possible to buy something (think one-click icons) is essential for the future wearable market. You want it simplified for the times when you start marketing to consumers in real-time on a wearable for same-day sales.

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