January 8, 2015 Evan Henry

Capturing the Mobile Crowd for Shopping Online

Responsive website design for small businesses has taken on a new level of importance in recent years as businesses realize many of their customers are doing more online activity with mobile devices. And one of those is the increasing need for those customers to find information, plus shop online when on the go. Many lives are becoming so busy that looking up businesses online to find things when our driving or other public place is an increasing activity.

When those people look up this information, they want it fast and easily readable. Unfortunately, not all businesses customize their websites to accommodate a smartphone screen. While it’s frustrating that many mobile devices have tiny, vertical-shaped screens, all business websites need a mobile version that’s easily readable without awkward horizontal scrolling.

We’re at the point now where anyone who doesn’t find what they need in the proper mobile formatting, they move on quickly to something else. This means if your own website doesn’t fit mobile screens, you’re probably losing all those potential mobile customers due to their frustration.

The Importance of Responsive Website Design

You need a company that’s knowledgeable on responsive design, a programming concept allowing a website to automatically fit mobile screens. It’s been around a while, yet far too many small businesses haven’t bothered with it, likely because of cost fears.

The good news is it doesn’t cost as much as you think, even if you still need the proper experts who know how to program responsive design correctly. Some creativity and compromises are still necessary while creating a mobile version of your website. This includes figuring how pictures and text blocks look on a mobile screen and adjusting accordingly.

You’ll find the perfect expert staff to help with this here at BisonTech, LLC. We’ve worked with many small businesses to create perfectly designed websites utilizing response design techniques. The reason we’ve been successful is because we work closely with our clients to make sure their websites get the design needed. Collaboration combined with our expert knowledge promises a website any mobile user will enjoy visiting.

Contact us and we’ll start working with you right away on developing a mobile website you’ve been wanting. It’s time you caught up with the big companies and realize you’ll add an influx of new customers providing easily navigable website features for all mobile devices, including tablets.

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