December 25, 2014 Evan Henry

What Situations Might Arise In the New Year?

With 2015 soon upon us, have you ever given any thought to disaster recovery and business continuity for your small business? It may not be something you want to think about or discuss with your staff for the holiday season, yet it’s a vitally important aspect to consider for the new year. With natural (and man-made) disasters so prevalent around the world now, you never know what’s going to happen in every town or city any more.

We’ve already heard just this year about major cyber threats paralyzing some of the best known retailers in the country. This all seemed to cascade after last year’s holiday season revealed Target’s security breach. Afterward, we’ve heard from almost every well-known retailer that they’ve been hacked. Even if this didn’t bring down their business, it did this month with Sony Pictures having their entire network shut down by online thieves.

This could be the next evolutionary step of hacking where they start to completely paralyze businesses, let alone steal customer data. Once this starts happening, business continuity is going to become much more vital to every company, despite so many overlooking it in the meantime. Plus, by using cloud solutions, all data will be quickly accessed again so a company can prevent as little downtime as possible.

The Threats of Nature

While the threats from human beings are expected now, nature is still unexpected in how it can wreak havoc. We keep hearing about natural disasters occurring in places we never thought they would. It can go beyond hurricanes to tornadoes, earthquakes, and even growing sinkholes.

If this sounds like we’re living in a disaster movie, it doesn’t mean preparation can’t help bring survival. As with the human threats above, having proper business continuity after a natural disaster is becoming more imperative than ever. This includes finding places where you can regroup with Internet access so you’ll retrieve all your data through a decent cloud solution.

We can provide solutions to every disaster situation here at BisonTech, LLC.

Contact us during the holiday season and into the new year to learn more about our comprehensive IT services that can help you form your new year business continuity plan.

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