January 1, 2015 Evan Henry

Cloud Computing is Superior to Physical Memory Storage

In the past decade, cloud technology changed the way that data is stored, with its influence permeating consumers, small business, and large corporations alike. But with that, there have been a number of security breaches that can make someone a bit hesitant when it comes to storing sensitive data in a cloud. However, in most instances cloud computing is vastly superior when compared to storing data in physical hard drives, external hard drives and USB devices.

You Lose Your External or USB, You Lose Your Data

If you lose your company’s hard drive, then you just put your small business in great danger. Physical memory storage can also be easily corrupted via exposure to liquids, extreme temperatures, or when dropped from a certain height. Cloud computing allows your data to live in a cloud, allowing you to access it via a computer system or a mobile device.

Information secured in a cloud, and your device acts like access point. A hard drive or a USB drive offers security of your files and is also your access point. Cloud computing delegates these tasks to two different processes, making them more secure and robust.

How To Beef Up Cloud Computing Security

Small businesses who have their data corrupted or stolen will suffer greatly, with the majority experiencing great financial losses. This is how you can patch up and secure your data:

  1. Update Your System: An updated system will be able to protect itself from the latest viruses and spyware. It will also ensure flawless integration into third-party applications and different operating systems.
  2. Designated Person: It is strongly recommended that the store owner is the only individual who has direct access to information in the cloud. For larger companies, you should use a designated person or a small team that will delegate tasks.
  3. Monitor Information Inventory: Cloud computing allows you to store large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. However, sifting through this information can be cumbersome. Make sure to isolate sensitive information by certain tags or compartments, creating an inventory system that allows for seamless access.
  4. Encrypt, Then Encrypt Some More: Encryption is integral to the security of the files. Encryption technology rewrites the code of the files, making it particularly difficult for hackers or scammers to hack and steal them. Even if an access point is created in your data, chances are that the information will be safe from ultimate compromise.

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