December 16, 2014 Evan Henry

The Importance of Cloud Computing When Disasters Strike

Cloud computing has gone through a lot of misconceptions ever since the cloud became a household tech term. Most recently, some people are concerned about cloud security, even if the reality is that with proper monitoring, such things don’t have to happen. The cloud is ultimately safer than any other digital storage method, and it all depends on the service provider.

Yes, this proves any piece of new technology is only as good as how it’s managed.

Here at BisonTech, LLC, we want to educate small businesses on just how powerful the cloud can be in protecting their data. And part of that comes in being a vastly important backup tool when natural disasters strike.

With winter being upon us, the chances for a natural disaster occurring are all the greater due to possible snow or ice storms. However, natural disasters can happen any time of the year. The new year approaching may have natural calamities occur that you perhaps never dreamed would ever happen in the town or city where you live.

The same could occur with disasters through human error, viruses, and hardware failure. These can happen very easily when you have multiple devices and numerous employees you can’t always manage.

It’s easy to get complacent about such things if they’ve never happened before. Those who experienced Hurricane Sandy two years ago, however, could give you a harsh lesson. Many businesses (big and small) never recovered from that. Any survivable businesses likely lost so much money from downtime, they may still be in debt now.

Had they placed their data in the cloud, they could have gone to an alternate location and accessed their data within the same day. It’s a situation you should consider if you’re relying on your own server to store every morsel of business data you have.

Accessing Your Data When in a Crisis

One superior thing about cloud computing is you can access your data anywhere you have an Internet connection. This is already great when you have to travel regularly for your small business and need pieces of information in a hurry.

In a disaster, though, you can essentially resurrect your entire business from within almost immediately once you find a location with electricity and Internet. Since we offer SaaS (Software as a Service), and other business tools directly through the cloud, you don’t have to worry about relying on any software to keep your business afloat.

Best of all, it’s monitored around the clock so you have the best assurances of security compared to any other option.

Contact us through the holidays here at BisonTech, LLC to find out more about our cloud solution and how it’s going to help you get more organized and ready for the future

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